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  1. Hex Head Thunderbolt
  2. Hex Flange Head Thunderbolt
Drill Bit Diameter
  1. 10mm
  2. 12mm
  3. 6mm
  4. 8mm
Clearance Hole (mm)
  1. 10mm
  2. 12mm
  3. 14mm
  4. 8mm
Max Fixture Thickness
  1. 20mm
  2. 25mm
  3. 45mm
  4. 50mm
  5. 55mm
  6. 90mm
Driver Type
  1. 10mm A/F Socket
  2. 15mm A/F Socket
  3. 17mm A/F Socket
  4. 19mm A/F Socket
  1. 10mm
  2. 12mm
  3. 6mm
  4. 8mm
Length Under Head
  1. 50
  2. 60
  3. 75
  4. 100
  5. 150
  1. Zinc/Yellow


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The threaded anchor and self-tapping action of Thunderbolt™ allows for safe anchorage, with the substrate becoming the nut to the bolt - applying a tried and tested method for metals and wood to a broader selection of materials. Truly versatile, Thunderbolt™ anchors can be installed nearer to edges and closer together at varying embedment depths, providing a stress-free fixings. Installation is quick and easy, making it the ideal general purpose anchor, even on temporary jobs as it’s completely removable. Using standard sized drill bits, the Thunderbolt™ fixings are a cost effective fix for any job.

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